What the Media Says…

“I saw The Cat Killers live a year ago and the feeling that I got then is the same that I have now, listening to their recordings. A little overly-comedic, were it not for the tremendous raw power of their vocalist, Bea. She made the whole live show her own and she makes the recordings stand out with a cocky voice and superb expression. With a front woman like that they can go very far, especially since their naïve-punk-pop hit songs are tailor-made for her.”
Daniel Claeson, Göteborgs Posten (Swedish national newspaper)
4 out of 5 stars

“The Cat Killers brings you energetic punk pop that awakens the child within. I get the feeling that on a good night the group, fronted by the charismatic Bea, can be sensationally good live. Hopefully I will have the time to investigate that when the group finishes the album that they are recording in Svenska Grammofonstudion”
Gaffa (Swedish music magazine)

“The Cat Killers play eccentric, dadaist playground punk at its best. With one foot in the grave and the other in the sandbox, they are fearless in the face of the simple, the complex, the vulgar and the beautiful. A song title like: “Get Ben Affleck out of the closet” says rather a lot, and “Mercy Fuck” considerably more. Beyond the classic punkrock arsenal of drums, bass and guitar, you’ll find the Cat Killers armed with melodica, xylophone, saw… and occasional ukelele.”
Björn Westerlund, Denim Magazine (Swedish music magazine)

“The Cat Killers: Femme fronted Swede garage punkers with really witty lyrics about self harm and stuff…it’s like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets X Ray Spex via Liliput and really early Blondie, great stuff. Punktastic. Judicious use of ukulele and melodica is goodly …’Dadaist playground punk’ indeed.”
The Dublin Castle

“Really catchy, with just the right amount of silliness. Bea, the velvet crushed vocalist danced until the sweat poured and the bassist/ ukulele player Andy was lying down for the WHOLE gig. More of that shit, please”
Denim Magazine (Swedish music magazine)

“The Cat Killers are a band that should be experienced live to really get the full experience. Their music is reminiscent of four friends holding hands as one of them grabs an electric fence… a shock and a wakeup call, but at the same time they are so comfortable together that it feels right at home.…the singer Bea’s voice takes the listener on a journey like an Alice in Wonderland for grown-ups, from sugar-sweet to the raw energy that borders on manic cockiness.”
Marita Isaksson, Kombi (Swedish music industry trade magazine)